Advntr Studio

Logo design and branding for our very own Brooklyn-based design studio.

In 2014, my husband and I decided to start our own design studio. With his motion and animation skills, and my product and branding expertise – we decided to call our studio Advntr. The idea behind the name is that we would like to take our clients and our work on an adventure – from start to finish. The entire process and craft of actually making things together– from sketching to production, to editing and refinement, and then on to revisions and revisions and revisions... the entire process in an adventure. And all of that hard work – blood, sweat, and tears – leads to amazing, beautiful, and incredibly smart work. So here it is: the clean, modern, sleek, not so serious, and friendly design of our company Advntr.


Agency: Advntr Studio LLC

Role: Cofounder and Creative Director