Logo, branding, and website design for a company that specializes in mental health.

I had the privilege to lead the design for a new company that focused on mental health. Welfund's goal is to eliminate the hassles of private practice and help doctors focus entirely on patient care. They provide anything and everything a doctor would need to run his/her private practice for mental health – including all billing/invoice services, receptionists and scheduling, and clean and beautiful office spaces. They take care of all the busy work so the doctors can really focus on their patient care. I was able to design the logo, color palettes, icons, type – entire branding for the company – as well as design and build out their company website. Was such an amazing project to be a part of. So here it is: Welfund branding + website screenshots. Website is now live: https://www.welfund.com/


Agency: Self/Freelance

Role: Lead Designer