Redesign and refresh for the new website.

I was honored to work closely with Sophia Amoruso and her team over at Girlboss, and help design, clean up and streamline the website. The current website was long overdue for a refresh, so I was able to give it a classic, clean and simple look. We gathered inspiration from all over, and made sure that this website would be substantial for a long time to come, avoiding trendy design language and visuals that were distracting from Girlboss' main message. Along with the redesign, we were able to navigate some one-off landing pages and web pages and streamline these assets into the Girlboss experience as one essential hub. What an amazing experience and the team and I were very pleased with the outcome! So here it is: redesigns for


Agency: Adventure Studio LLC

Role: Freelance Lead Senior Designer

Girlboss_FULL_1170x500_01 Copy 2
2_570x570_01 Copy 4
Girlboss_FULL_1170x800_03 Copy 4@3x
Girlboss_FULL_1170x800_03 Copy 5
Girlboss_FULL_1170x800_03 Copy 6

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